Clothing display

The display is like the makeup on a lady’s face in a clothing store. It is often said that women are the ones who please themselves, so getting appreciation from customers will undoubtedly greatly improve the publicity and influence of their own clothing brands. The display of models and props should pay attention to skills. Whether you are a display novice or a display master, you need to know the following principles and skills.

First of all, you must establish your display theme. This theme should highlight your brand characteristics. At the same time, the theme should take into account the model props. When displaying and matching, you must let the model props integrate into your theme. When displaying, choose the same series of clothing.

In this way, the color and design style of the clothing will be more coordinated, and the content will be more concise. Of course, in order to make the store more colorful, it is necessary to adjust the length, size and color of each series of clothing. The same color system can give customers more clear shopping instructions. Pay more attention to color, color will affect the mood of consumers and lay the foundation for your marketing.

The window in the store is also a key area for display, because the window can provide people with a reminder to tell customers what good things are in the store and what actual products are there.

The display window is the window of a clothing store. Those wonderful ideas, fashionable elements and charming colors will catch the eyes of customers in an instant. Only by attracting customers immediately can you have further customers. The costumes on the dummy mannequin props in the window need to be bold and avant-garde in order to increase the flow of customers even more!

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