How to use and clean and maintain the solid wood coat rack?

1. Since the material used for the solid wood coat rack is solid wood, which is relatively expensive, we should be careful when using it.

2. We’d better not scratch the solid wood coat rack directly with sharp objects, which will easily damage the paint of the coat rack.

3. At the same time, we can’t use corrosive liquid to wipe the solid wood coat rack, which will also damage the paint surface.

4. In addition, when placing the solid wood coat rack, try to place the coat rack in a stable place to avoid damage caused by falling.

5. In addition, when using a solid wood coat rack, try not to hang too heavy items, and do not exceed the bearing range of the coat rack.

6. If there is dust on the surface, we can wipe it with a feather duster or clean it with a towel dipped in some water.

7. Do not wipe any coat rack with corrosive or irritating things, such as alcohol sulfuric acid, etc., keep away from it.

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