Four elements for hardware accessories selection

The hardware industry is developing very fast. Many companies only make accessories and accessories for other manufacturing companies. They are relatively dependent on manufacturing companies and respond slowly to market demand. Knowledge popularization: For example, when the object is hardware accessories required by door and window processing manufacturers, how to make the enterprise have sustainable competitiveness mainly starts from the following four elements:

(1) When selecting hardware accessories, try to choose products with guaranteed quality. The quality grade of hardware accessories should be consistent with the quality grade of doors and windows. Correct, flexible operation, easy installation.

(2) The installation of hardware accessories should be complete, standardized, reliable and accurate in position. After installation, the doors and windows have beautiful appearance, flexible and convenient opening, and there must be no deformation, obstruction and collision.

(3) Stainless steel products should be preferred for exposed fasteners of hardware accessories.

(4) Multi-lock points should be used when closing casement doors and windows and large-sized sliding doors and windows, otherwise the airtightness will be greatly reduced under the action of negative pressure difference. Considering the convenience of operation, it is best to use multi-lock point handles or actuators .

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